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The world we know keeps growing smaller with every passing minute. Boundaries are dissolving around knowledge, and borders around resources. Even established businesses are finding it challenging in this environment of change to maximize their potential and drive sustainable growth. Clearly, the ability to harness knowledge without borders has become the success manta of our era. This global revolution had inspired the inception of Pacific Ventures. With offices in US and India we offer global clients a host of cost effective, flexible and innovative outsourcing services that help accelerate economic value creation in their businesses.

As a single outlet for all primary healthcare business services - transcription, coding, billing, AR follow up and Denial management – Pacific offers reliable and cost effective solutions to today's busy healthcare industry. Ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, medical centers, and private physician practices now need only one partner to manage all of their medical documentations and revenue recovery programs. Our cutting edge HIPAA-compliant technologies and a large pool of highly trained and process oriented personnel ensure very strong and timely deliverables thus minimizing the operational and business risks of offshoring.

While we are focused on setting up and managing a high-quality operation, we are also keenly focused on being an ‘intelligent’ business processes outsourcing partner. Our state of the art infrastructure , superior talent and unflinching focus on quality continually strives to enhance value for its clients.

In today's economy, you have to be good today and better tomorrow. Flexibility is critical and you cant achieve it alone.
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