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Accounts Receivable Services

Cash flow and revenue management are among the most critical factors in any professionally run practice. At Pacific, we can assist you in driving your business growth by effectively managing your cash and revenue flow, by reducing the accounts receivable days and improving profitability by increasing the collection ratio.

Pacific has a large team of AR follow up professionals who can identify patient accounts that needs to be followed up and take necessary action to collect unpaid claims and underpaid claims.

Our Services in Account Receivable include:

  • AR analysis
  • AR analysis
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Self pay follow-up

Pacific Services also include on time reporting of:

  • Payer punctuality
  • Payer Mix
  • Aging analysis, Procedure code analysis, Insurance analysis, cash collection analysis, under payment analysis expected collection report
  • Charges, payments and adjustments

Our proven cash flow and revenue management services will improve operational cash flow by reducing bad debit and write-offs. We manage customer revenue risk while at the same time improving customer

In today's economy, you have to be good today and better tomorrow. Flexibility is critical and you cant achieve it alone.
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