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Account Receivables Collection
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Account Receivables Collection

For better management and timely cash flows of your healthcare business, it is imperative that your account receivables are collected well on time. This is a huge challenge, as hectic work schedules hardly leave you with any time to identify patients’ accounts that need to be followed, and take necessary actions to collect the unpaid or underpaid claims.

This brings Pacific into picture. The global business process outsourcing company provides you immaculate Accounts Receivables Collection service which ensures - account receivables calling, follow up pending claims, initiate collections, trace the reasons for claims denials (if any), track outstanding receivable balances by customer , provide periodic reports- to help you secure your pending medical dues quickly, efficiently and easily.

Pacific with its efficient and experienced medical account receivables collection staff competently manage the cash and revenue flow of your healthcare business, so that you face no troubles in running your operations.

We firmly believe that our clients should be aware of the status of their account receivables collection, while we are processing it and thus we provide periodic reports to them that include - Payer punctuality, Payer Mix, Aging analysis, Procedure code analysis, Insurance analysis, cash collection analysis, under payment analysis, expected collection report, Charges, payments and adjustments etc. Our report helps clients stay updated with their collections done successfully, and of that which are still pending.

Pacific with its impeccable account receivables collection service has become one of the most trusted names amongst a number of renowned healthcare organizations across the globe– as it has increased their collection ratio, and thus helped them in augmenting their business profitability.

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