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The Healthcare industry is being challenged from every possible direction – ranging from cost containment, lack of stability, HIPAA compliance,to an uncertain future. All these factors have a significant impact on the profit margins of Healthcare organizations today. There is an absolute necessity to reduce the costs while improving the quality of care.

Healthcare organizations are reshaping themselves to meet these challenges. But not all of them can actually devote their entire efforts to managing their day-to-day administrative operations. They face significant difficulties associated with hiring, training and retaining qualified office personnel. These complexities, increasing by the day, pull organizations away from their core function of improving the quality of patient care. Hence, Healthcare organizations are taking a step back to reflect on their core competency and outsource those components, which play a supporting role. Outsourcing is and will become increasingly important as organizations channel their resources and energies into the provision of professional services, which need to be continually developed, to keep up with current trends and service requirements.

Advantages of Outsourcing :-

Outsourcing Healthcare Services is a hugely popular practice today. A Gartner Study predicts that over 60% of healthcare companies will outsource more than 50% of their IT operations by 2007.

Here are a few advantages gained by organizations that outsource:

Improvement in organization focus: Allows organizations to focus on core business issues while having operational details   assumed by an outside expert

Reduction in operating costs: The single most important tactical reason for outsourcing is to gain access to an outside provider’s   lower cost structure, which helps the organization reduce or control operating costs

Gaining access to world-class capabilities: Extensive world-class resources to meet the needs of their customers. Access to new   technology, tools and techniques that the organization may not currently possess, more structured methodologies, procedures and   documentation, and a competitive advantage through expanded skills

Improvement in technical expertise: There is a shortage of qualified individuals, coupled with the job market dynamics.   Outsourcing helps gain access to a global technology talent pool

The Healthcare marketplace is recognizing India as the premier provider of outsourced services owing to its infrastructure, skill base and economic environment. Mckinsey and Co. predicts a $17 billion outsourcing industry in India by 2008. A recent study by management consultants AT Kearney “Where to Locate – Selecting a country for Offshore Business Processing” rated countries on three parameters – Cost, Environment and People. India got the highest composite score in this study and came out as the top destination by choice for American companies. It is now positioning itself to become the“back-office to the world”.

Healthcare Services :-

PACIFIC provides a complete suite of services for Healthcare providers as well as payers.

Provider Services :-

Hospital processes are comprised of a number of inter-related procedures. PACIFIC manages the complex business processes, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, relieving hospitals from their administrative workload to provide better Healthcare services.

Pacific assists health care service providers by managing their patient information data & back office operations like Medical Transcription, Medical Coding ( ICD & CPT) and Medical Billing through a solution-oriented approach, enabling them to focus on their key business priorities. Our solutions are based on proven industry best practices, and are provided by the best talent available in India.

Payer Services :-

PACIFIC has expertise in the entire claims life cycle, from origination of the claim up to final Claims

Adjudication Process. In addition to these services, PACIFIC has distinguished itself from its competitors by providing Business Analytics service offerings. PACIFIC helps Healthcare clients make better decisions by providing them with detailed analysis and significant high level reporting to ensure better claims recovery, identifying areas of improvement and other diagnostic assessments for improving the bottom line of the Healthcare organizations. By applying our advanced process knowledge, superior training, highly educated and cost-effective personnel, we are able to provide our clients with the following benefits:

› 24x7 Services
› Accelerated and managed cash flow with reduced bad-debt write-offs
› Significant cost savings in operations
› High quality and on time delivery
› Minimal turn around time

In today's economy, you have to be good today and better tomorrow. Flexibility is critical and you cant achieve it alone.
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