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 Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

At PACIFIC, we assume that visitors are the reason for our success and hence, we sincerely respect your privacy on the Internet. This privacy policy is prepared just to make sure to everyone that we care for you and your personal details are handled very cautiously. So, we would ask everyone to read this privacy policy before navigating the site thoroughly.

We consider our customers privacy as an important concern and care by all means that the important and crucial information is kept confidential at all levels. All information pertained to client business is considered secure and private.

All programs, manuals etc. provided by the customer are accessed in a confidential manner and limited information is accessed for the purpose of carrying out development and enhancement. PACIFIC takes all reasonable measures to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure or use of Confidential Information in any form.

We do not share any knowledge, information, processes, ideas or documents, concerning the business and affairs of the Customer or any of its dealings and transactions.

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