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 What is BPO?
What is BPO? - Advantage India
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Advantage India

Comparing India with other BPO destinations, Why India?

The abundant skilled manpower has made India a target destination for multinationals to back end their operations in India. India ranks high in areas such as qualifications, capabilities, quality of work, linguistic capabilities and work ethics, and thus is ahead of competitors such as China, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, Canada etc. Indian companies have unique capabilities and systems to set, measure and monitor quality targets.

In specific BPO categories, Indian centers have achieved higher productivity levels-for example, the number of transactions per hour for back office processing, than their Western counterparts. GE reported greater satisfaction ratings from its Indian call center (92%) as opposed to what it got from its onshore centers in the US (85%). HSBC's facilities in India handle 20% more interactions in an hour than the ones in the UK. Also, India is able to offer a 24x7 service and reduction in turnaround times by leveraging time zone differences. India's unique geographic positioning makes this possible. Many state governments in India are offering incentives and infrastructure to set up IT enabled services.

About 100,000 engineers graduate from India every year. Many of these engineers are employed with call centers for troubleshooting and providing technical support at salaries that are dramatically lower compared to the pay scales in the US. The average monthly salary in India is $400-700 compared to $2,700-2,800 in the US.


› Solid history in software development.
› English proficiency
› Government Support
› Cost advantage
› Strong tertiary education
› Process quality focus
› Skilled workforce
› Expertise in new technologies
› Entrepreneurship
› Reasonable technical innovations
› Reverse brain drain
› Existing long term relationships
› Creation of global brands
› BPO & Call center offerings
› Expansion of existing relationships
› Chinese domestic & export market
› Leverage relationships in West to access APAC/Middle East markets
› Indian domestic-market growth

In today's economy, you have to be good today and better tomorrow. Flexibility is critical and you cant achieve it alone.
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